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Auto-name Files and Configure File Save Naming

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Win2PDF and Win2Image can be configured to set the default file name that is shown in the file save window.  It can also be configured to automatically name files and skip the file save window.  


Auto-name Files and Configure File Save Naming

Auto-name Files and Configure File Save Naming


When the the "Auto-name Files" option is unchecked, the settings in this window apply to the name displayed in the Win2PDF File Save window.  By default, Win2PDF uses the print document name set by the application as the PDF file name.  If you want to customize the default name displayed in the Win2PDF file save window, you can add a fixed file name start, a date stamp, or a time stamp.  Advanced users can customize the order of these items using the user defined setting.


When the "Auto-name Files" option is checked, the settings in this window are used to automatically save the PDF file directly and Win2PDF bypasses the file save window.


The path used by the Auto-name feature is inherited from the currently selected path when you click on the "PDF Options" button in the file save window. To change the auto-name path, go back to the file save window and browse to the desired folder before clicking on the "PDF Options..." button.


Enable Win2PDF Auto-name feature


To stop the Auto-name option, either hold down the shift key when printing to the Win2PDF printer, or run the "Stop Win2PDF Auto-name" program from the Start menu.  When you save the options, the following window is displayed:


How to disable Auto-name feature pop-up



Disable Win2PDF Auto-name


Once Auto-name is enabled, you will no longer see the Win2PDF file save window when you print.  To turn off the Auto-name feature and resume prompting for the PDF file save, you will need to either hold down the SHIFT key when printing to Win2PDF, or go to the Windows Start menu and go to the Win2PDF program group.  There, you will be able to select 'Stop Win2PDF Auto-name', as shown below.  


How to turn off Auto-name from Start menu


The auto-name settings only apply to the current Win2PDF printer.  You can add any number of Win2PDF printers and configure each printer with different auto-name settings.


On multi-user servers, the auto-name settings only apply to the currently logged in user.  An administrator can apply auto-name settings to all users by first configuring auto-name, opening the Win2PDF Administrator Utility, checking the "Apply to all users" checkbox, and clicking apply.  


The auto-name configuration is stopped if you hold down the shift key while printing to the Win2PDF printer.  If you are printing to Win2PDF in the background while typing in another program, you may accidentally stop the auto-name if you press the shift key.  If you want to prevent this from happening, you can use the Win2PDF Admin Utility "Troubleshooting" option to "Disable Auto-Name Shift Key check".


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