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Command Line PDF Split Pages

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win2pdfd.exe splitpages "sourcefile" "destfolder" pageincrement oddpages

win2pdfd.exe splitpagesdelete "sourcefile" "destfolder" pageincrement oddpages


Split PDF from “sourcefile” into segments specified by “pageincrement”. Page segments are placed in the “destfolder”, and are named with the original file name with a “.#.PDF” extension. If “pageincrement” is greater than one, the pages are named based on the beginning page of the segment. For example, setting “pageincrement” to 2 and splitting a 7 page document would result in 4 files named:


sourcefile.1.pdf (2 pages)

sourcefile.3.pdf (2 pages)

sourcefile.5.pdf (2 pages)

sourcefile.7.pdf (1 page)


The "oddpages" parameter is useful for splitting documents that are meant to print as duplex but have a cover page. Setting “oddpages” to one requires that pageincrement is set to 2. It starts with a single page segment, and then the following segments are 2 pages long. A 7 page document with “pageincrement” to 2 and “oddpages” to 1 would result in the following files:


sourcefile.1.pdf (1 page)

sourcefile.2.pdf (2 pages)

sourcefile.4.pdf (2 pages)

sourcefile.6.pdf (2 pages)


The “splitpagesdelete” variation of the command behaves the same as “splitpages” but deletes the “sourcefile” after the document has been successfully split.


Any file names that contain spaces must be enclosed with quotation marks.


This feature requires a licensed version of Win2PDF. Contact us for a time limited evaluation license.


Returns 0 on success, and a Windows system error code on failure.